Expert in perfect fits, Sarasota's Tammy will WOW you!

Broken zipper? Trousers too long? Lost weight or put some on? Don't worry; we can handle all your clothing alterations and repair needs.

Remember the wedding suit that has not been worn often?  Well, perhaps it never saw the light of the day after the wedding!  Don’t worry, bring it us and we will restore its original glory by our special process.  How about your expensive designer dress that was worn on that special occasion but those occasions hadn’t repeated themselves as often.    Just call us and we will restore its gleam!

Garment Repair

Whether it’s a broken zipper, missing button, tear in your fabric or a patch that needs to be added, we will bring your garment back to it’s original state.

Curtains & Drapery

We shorten hems on Drapes and Curtains.  Would you like to combine two to make one large curtain?  We can do that!

Shirts & Pants

Offering jeans and pants hems, inseam tapers, waist in/outs.  Need a take in a shirt half a size, shorten the sleeve or hem?  We’ve got your back!

Wedding Dress / Suit Specialist

Come see us for your wedding dress, bridesmaid or groom’s alterations.   Providing perfect fits for brides throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties, you will love the results.

Maintenance of Expensive Things Is an Art

A stitch in time saves nine right? Well, you have your most cherished dress or suit or a pair of designer jeans. You need to plan on maintaining them.  This is where perhap you’ll will get more out of your investment.  It’s a great to have your dresses dry cleaned and have your seams and buttons checked for their integrity. By ensuring the periodic checkups, you’ll ensure your garments last you much longer that you expect.

Our well trained seamstresses have over 40 years of combined experience and make expert alterations and repairs to all types of adjustment need.

  • Call 941-371-0657 for an appointment.
  • If a fitting is not required, you can drop off your garment at any of our stores.