01 / Wedding Dresses & Suits

We know it is not only your most expensive suit but also the most cherished suit of all occasions.  Whether it’s your wedding dress or Sunday best suit, bring it in for us to restore it to its fresh, clean state.

03 / Drapery

We are aware your drapes are made of intricately woven silk yarns of varying thickness.  Our years of experience affords us the ability to clean and press your drapes to give it the fresh, clean, crisp appearance you want them to have.

02 / Curtains

Often the first thing everyone notices is whether it matches with the total ambiance of your house or office. We clean and press your curtains.  Prices depends on length and layers.  Call us to find out more.

04 / Silk & Suede

Often food, beverage stains and others like pen ink marks could mar your suede and silk handbags or jackets that make an attractive fashion statement. We use special fabric whiteners, cleaners and solutions to restore the item to its original state.

Clean Job Always

Why Choose Dry Cleaning


Being perfectly dressed gives a tranquility
that no religion can bestow.

The way you dress and carry yourself sends a message to everyone around you. Your clothing and outward appearance shape assumptions about your personality, your education level, your individuality and the type of person you are.



Dry cleaning

Oil stains are stubborn and may not be entirely possible to remove by water.  Moreover, synthetic fibers like polyester respond well to only dry cleaning. We have the state of the art technology machines guaranteed to give you the best results.



Alterations / Repairs

With our alteration skills and experience, you can count on us on achieving prefect fits with your clothing. Whether it’s your suit, a dress, jeans or wedding gown, our alteration and repair services include hemming, tapers, waist-in or out, sleeve shortening, zipper replacements and more.  We’ll ensure a “perfect fit” in time for your party,  meeting, or special event.

Gentle yet powerful!

  The Heritage Cleaners companies have been serving the Sarasota/Bradenton areas since 1998, providing meticulous care for your garments to keep you looking your best. Our goal is your continued satisfaction. Attention to detail is what makes Heritage Cleaners “the dry cleaner with a difference you can see.”
  We operate our own dry cleaning and laundry plant to carefully control the cleaning and finishing quality.
  Multiple inspections insure that stains that can be removed are removed, pressing is correct, missing buttons are replaced, zippers work and minor repairs made at no charge. We want your clothes to be ready-to-wear when you pick them up.
We put you and your garments first!

We found that when the initiative takes care of the local need, it is bound to succeed. Our dry cleaning plant provide a superior service experience to customers.  Whenerver a satisfied customer refers another person who is a friend or family, our job is well done!  Thank you to our 100s of existing and prospective customers for the opportunity to serve you!

A. Rohlehr

Owner, Partner


Stain Removal

Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a superior way that water can never match. Although we do not guarantee entire stain removals, we do our utmost best to ensure their removal when we deliver them back to you. Call us for your special needs anytime.



Drapery cleaning

The curtains and drapery come in different materials such as pure cotton lining, linen and cotton blend drapes in superior color and texture. We employ a special fabric cleaner to restore your drapery to its pristine state.